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How Can I Study 10x Faster?

Studying something new is an essential aspect of life; we should constantly be looking for methods to improve and pick up new abilities. Studying each lesson takes time, and time is valuable whether you're studying Spanish or need to do math quickly. Therefore, how can you maximize your time by hastening the learning process? We now know more about how we learn and what works most effectively for our brains to process and retain knowledge due to advances in neuroscience.

Here are a few strategies to study 10x faster:

Taking notes during a conference or lecture on a laptop will be more thorough and speed up your learning, but that differs from how it works. Skip the laptop and take notes the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper to accelerate your learning. According to research, people who type their lecture notes retain and process the information at a lower level. Those who take handwritten notes discover more information. While writing out notes by hand is slower and more laborious than typing, the act of understanding and remembering the information through muscle memory. By rephrasing the information in your own words, you can increase your memory retention, which will improve your test-taking performance.

You will learn fast, depending on how good your notes are. You will remember concepts, better comprehend the subject and develop helpful learning skills if you know how to take complete and correct notes. Therefore, before learning a new topic, be sure to become familiar with various note-taking strategies.

This learning method involves many studying sessions on a subject over an extended amount of time. Instead of long "cram sessions," which foster rote learning, use short, spaced-out study sessions to promote meaningful learning. Taking careful notes when the subject is being explained is the first step. After that, review your notes, add any necessary details, and revise to ensure correctness.

If you're learning something new, don't do the same thing repeatedly. Making changes during repeated and deliberate practice sessions will help you learn a skill faster than doing it the same way every time. In one study of people who studied a computer-based motor skill, those who knew a skill and then had a modified practice session where they practiced the skill differently performed better than those who repeated the original task.


To study 10x faster, opt for handwritten notes over typing, as they enhance information retention. Master various note-taking strategies to improve comprehension and develop effective learning skills. Embrace spaced repetition by breaking study sessions into shorter intervals and reviewing, adding details, and revising notes for better understanding. Incorporate variability in practice sessions to accelerate skill acquisition. Remember that everyone's learning strategy is unique, so experiment with different techniques to find the best for you. Implementing these strategies allows you to optimize your study time and achieve accelerated learning outcomes. Furthermore, if you are having difficulties in learning, you can take suggestions from online services like “pay someone to take my online exam”.